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We play the background music to your favorite songs and you sing the lyrics that scroll across the TV screen.

Plus More:

We can light your venue with Ambiance - Mobile DJ Lighting, Vertigo Lights, Multi-Color Sphere, Moonflower Lights, Strobe Light, Fog Machine, Bubble Machine, Mirror Ball, and more.....




We still play from CD+G's where the Sound is far Superior over MP3+G Digital files. Through the years we have purchased only the Best Quality CD+G's.  Sound Choice, Chartbusters, Music Meastro, Legends, DK and more.  We will play YOUR CD+G"S  if you bring them.  We do not play any Digital Files: From Thumb Drives or SD Cards.


Balance is still the Most Important thing to a "Great Karaoke Performance"  The volume of the Music blended with the volume of the Singers Voice.  All CD+G's are not at the same loudness and different singers sing at different levels.  This is where we come in and blend the controls to make you Sound Your Best.

We Do Not provide a Alcohol Analyzer

The"POLICE" do that.....

"Please Drink & Drive  Responsibly"

Disc Jockey

From playing your Top 40 Pop to Country to the 40's & 50's & 60's & 70's & 80's & Disco and much, much more....... 


Party Themes

Sock Hops, Disco Fever, Country Western, you name it we can do it.


It' All About "The Quality Of The Sound"

Our company believes that "Quality Sounds" comes from Quality Equipment.  We purchase top of the line Gear: From Amps, Mixers, Speakers to, Microphones.  Have top of the line equipment and knowing what each Dial, Button, Slider does and how it will effect the overall sound is crucial.